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I started clay play 3 years ago at the request of Gary Thomas who manages a number of children’s events across the country. The idea has been a great success and provides a relaxed haven for both children and parents alike.


The concept is really simple, and is run from my large 10m x4m marquee which can fit up to 30 people. We set out a large display area near the front of the tent and allow the children to make whatever they desire out of clay, we then get them to leave their artwork at the front, in the ‘display’ area , in an increasingly growing exhibition, for everyone to enjoy.


The beauty of this workshop is its sustainability - the clay is taken away at the end of the day and recycled to be used again, and in the peaceful act of making. During a busy hot (or rainy!) festival day the tent is a quiet shady space as children create anything from their imagination and parents are able to look on and have rest! We sell small blocks of air drying clay for children to buy and take home to make, to ensure there are no tears at the end of the day!

Clay Play