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A listening post is disguised as a manhole cover. When you stand on it you can hear memories and stories about the area told by local residents.This is a unique and collaborative project which celebrates living in Barton Hilll. The original concept and design has been developed by artist David Cotterell. Other partners include Sovereign Housing Association, artists Kerry Russell and Tracy Graham from the InBristol Studio’s, Bristol M-shed, Barton Hill History Group, Wellspring Community Arts Project and Bristol City Council who have worked together to deliver the project. www.listeningposts.org



We were approached by Sovereign South +West and asked to create artworks for a group of new builds. It was important to engage the new residents, giving them an opportunity to meet each other whilst having an input into what went up in their space. We ran a fun day on site, setting up two areas for residents to get creative! The children had free reign to draw & scribble, while the older children and adults to had a go at ‘graffiti’.  The resulting artworks where layered up digitally and printed large format on vinyl,  the outcome being great collection of long life, large scale pieces of art, that residents had a very genuine hand in creating.


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Illuminate is a celebration of light, culture, community and art. Bringing together Mexican day of the dead, Hindu festival of Diwali and the Celtic festival of Samhein, St Georges Park will be transformed into a mystical playground of lights, sounds, performers and magic. I wanted my installation to be a nod to all of those themes; The lighting of candles is represented in both Diwali customs as the triumph of good over evil and to bring good luck. And in Day of the Dead to remember those who are no longer with us.  The porcelain & rice cups are reminiscent of chai walla vessels and are made with grain to represent the harvest. www.phoenix52.co.uk


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This was my second scarecrow project with Catch 22, but by the far the best! Working with the ‘Girls Group’ we designed a bird sculpture that would go in their group allotment but also be entered into the Bristol City Council scarecrow competition.  The frame was welded by the fantastic Alastair Burgess (which allows us to ‘redress’ the birds every few years) and covered in a skin of re purposed bouncy castle, foam and ripstop all found in the Scrapstore. And we won the competition!


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Working with Amy Peck and Sally Reay, alongside the children at Summerhill Junior school, we created these flower garlands, balls and hanging baskets for the Phoenix 52 Bloom festival. Bloom, a community festival held in St George Park encouraging a better connection with our environment through creative recycling projects and innovative gardening and horticulture workshops. The event will feature as part of the wider ‘Bristol In Bloom’ initiative as part of the RHS It’s Your Neighbourhood’ Scheme  and as a satellite event for the Chelsea Fringe